Manual / Company Car

Beginner 10 Lessons​
How to move, stop, and build responsive reaction to the various situations that may face you and how to deal with them. Driving in crowd & how to enter & exit the roundabouts. Moving backwards and parking, knowing the car's dimensions, and dealing with the various curves of the road. Enter & exit any streets & change lanes  & drive in narrow places.
Practicing 10 Lessons​
The goal is to drive better for a longer period and on faster roads like travel and highways. Exceeding speeds such as 80 and 100 km / h. Safety distance between cars and avoiding accidents. Be aware of others' mistakes and how to deal in a safe manner.
Recap 6 Or 8 Lessons​
Would you like to drive better? You can't remember how you were dealing and afraid to have troubles? This course is for you We remind you and we let you practice more, and we form more in your bases of driving, and ways to deal with speeds
License Test Preparation Course - 2 Lessons​
Letter S test practice
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